Women s Health Practicum

Practicum: Journal Entry
As a future advanced practice nurse, it is important that you are able to connect your classroom experience to your Practicum Experience. By applying the concepts you

study in the classroom to clinical settings, you enhance your professional competency. Each week you complete an Assignment such as Journal Entries or SOAP Notes that

prompts you to reflect on your Practicum Experiences and relate them to the material presented in the classroom. This week you begin documenting your Practicum

Experiences in your Practicum Journal.

To prepare for this course’s Practicum Experience, address the following in your Practicum Journal:

Select and explain a nursing theory or feminist perspective to guide your clinical practice.

Develop goals and objectives for the Practicum Experience in this course.

When developing your goals and objectives, be sure to keep women’s health guidelines and best practices in mind.

Schuiling, K. D., & Likis, F. E. (2013). Women’s gynecologic health (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
Chapter 1, “Women’s Health from a Feminist Perspective” (pp. 3–19)

This chapter compares the biomedical model of nursing to the feminist perspective of health and offers strategies for implementation. It also examines the social

construction of gender and health.
Chapter 2, “Women’s Growth and Development Across the Life Span” (pp. 21–38)

This chapter explores growth and development, including foundational theories of feminist perspectives of female development. It focuses on the physiological and

psychosocial development of women from the adolescent years to older adulthood.
Chapter 3, “Using Evidence to Support Clinical Practice” (pp. 39–61)

This chapter describes the role of evidence-based practices in clinical decision making and examines barriers to using research evidence in clinical practice.
Chapter 4, “Health Promotion” (pp. 67–80)

This chapter explores health promotion and patient education, preventive strategies, and immunization guidelines for women across the life span.
Document: Practicum Experience Time Log and Journal Template (Word document)
Laureate Education (Producer). (2013a). Introduction to the primary care of women. Retrieved from CDN database. (NURS 6551)

Note: Please click on the following link for the transcript: Transcript (PDF)

In this media presentation, Dr. Rebecca Lee and Cindy Nypaver discuss the importance of the role of the advanced practice nurse when caring for women.