What do the findings of the study aID to the current body of knowledge?Discuss

Select one nursing qualitative research article  and follow the steps below:

    • Summarize the research study to including the following:

      • Purpose.

      • Study design.

      • Setting.

      • Data collection methods.

      • Data analysis methods.

    • Critique the study in a narrative format aIDressing each of the following questions:

      • Is the problem significant to nursing and health care?

      • How will it generate or refine knowledge in nursing practice?

      • Was the review of background literature provided?

      • What topics or concepts were discussed in the review of literature?

      • Were ethical standards for research followed and how?

      • What do the findings of the study aID to the current body of knowledge?

    • Conclusion:

      • Explain how the study will inform your practice or the practice of professional nursing.

      • Prepare the critique.

      • Follow APA style guidelines.

      • Use 12-point Times New Roman font.

      • Include a title and reference page.

      • Use the following subheadings:

        • Summary.

        • Critique.

        • Conclusion.

  • State your conclusions about how the study did or did not advance nursing knowledge in terms of building an evidence-based practice (EBP). Keep in mind that it takes more than one study to provide a knowledge base for EBP, but this exercise will give you an idea of how the process works
  • Paper must be 3 pages long