week 4 discussion request for proposals health research funding

Imagine that you receive the following request for proposals:

Request for Proposals: Health Research Funding
The ABC Community Health Program is pleased to announce a grant funding opportunity for new health researchers interested in investigating health problems affecting priority populations. Successful applicants will receive a $200,000 grant to fund activities over a 2 ½ year period to cover both salary and research activities. Funding is available for any research with a strong defined need, which should be clearly outlined in the proposal. Priority will be given to those proposals that specifically describe the research hypothesis and question(s), the research methodology, the sampling and measurement methods, and the potential ethical issues that might arise during the research. The research proposal, which can be a maximum of five pages, must include the following sections:

  • Introduction (project title, topic, priority population, research question, significance of research)
  • Literature Review (previous research on topic and population, unanswered questions)
  • Methodology
    • Overview of the approach
    • Research population
    • Sampling procedures
    • Measurement (type of data collected, strategy for data collection)
    • Potential threats to validity and reliability of data
  • Ethical considerations
  • References

All proposals will be evaluated by a Peer Reviewer using the Peer Review Evaluation Form. Researchers are encouraged to review the form for details on how each of the sections are weighted and additional guidance on how each section will be evaluated by the reviewer.

For your discussion post, create a research proposal that you would submit for funding. Your proposal should be a maximum of five pages and address each of the sections listed in the request for proposals. You may submit your research proposal as a normal post or upload a document as an attachment.

Guided Response: Imagine that you are the Peer Reviewer assigned to evaluate the strength of your classmate’s research proposal and determine if it should be funded. Using the Peer Review Evaluation Form, provide a substantive critique of your classmate’s research proposal. Your response should be formatted as if it was an email sent to your classmate providing an overview of your review and recommendation, and include the review form as an attachment. Reply to at least two of your classmates.