Technology, Health Care Insurance, and Reform

Technology, Health Care Insurance, and Reform


Assignment:  Technology Proposal Presentation in Health Care

Resources: Business Proposal Project and Macroeconomics Policy & Implications assignments

Create a 12 to 15-slides Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with grammatically correct speaker’s notes. Address the following in your paper:

1.In what technological innovations do you think your organization (Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical manufactures contrast medias) must invest that you would propose to business partners?

2.Why would you choose those innovations instead of an alternative that lacks technology?

3.How do you foresee that technological investment providing you with a competitive advantage? Why would the decision make sound economic sense?

Note:  This assignment must be high level.  It is worth 35 points. Must be APA format, with correct speaker notes, plagiarism free, original work, great presentation slides/design.  This has to be an A+ work.