Reading Learning Activity

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Cognitive science informs us that retrieving information from our memory and spacing study episodes over time benefits learning. Best practice for this learning activity, therefore, is to respond to the prompts with your books closed, and that whenever possible you should work to complete your reading assignments over a period of days.

The reading learning activities for each chapter will be listed as “assignments” within this Module.

General steps to complete your assignment:

  1. Download your chapter reading assignment document.
  2. Read the assigned text, responding to the prompts in your homework document at the end of each chapter section.
  3. Save your document as instructed in the assignment.
  4. Submit your assignment as instructed.

Steps for completing and submitting your Reading Learning Activity for Chapter 2: Media Technologies

  • Download the document: Reading Learning Activity Ch2.docx
  • Type your answers directly onto this document. Respond to the prompts in the document for all of the following sections:
  • Save your document as a word document or as a pdf if you are using Pages as follows: YourLastNameCh2
  • Upload and Submit your documents:
    • Click on the upper right hand blue button SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT
    • Check on CHOOSE FILE to locate the document
    • Select your files, and click CHOOSE

A box on the righthand side of the screen will confirm your submission

2pts = Thoughtfully and fully completed by the deadline.

1pts = Completed, possibly late, cursory, or with some gaps.