Re-write narrative to show highllight “inpact–explain why the action mattered and made a difference. (Work Compleity, Level of Supperivision, Working Relationships, Level of Responsibility, and Scope/Impact of Decisions)

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  • Work Complexity
  • Level of Supervision (Given or Received)
  • Working Relationships
  • Level of Responsibility
  • Scope/Impact of Decisions

Re-writecharacterization of the nature and variety of the tasks, methods, functions, or projects carried out da-to-day. Ability of the employee to seek out, develop, and implement new courses of action and refine methods or develop new techniques, concepts, theories, processes, or programs to solve multi-variable problems. [2200 characters limit] Highlight “Impact-explain why the action mattered and made a difference.

Problem solver—cracked the code on moving DoD’s 87,550 pounds SCIF VAULT to Korea; expertly coordinated with Air Mobility Command/commercial vendor to synchronize arrival of vault to Korea—saved government over $20,000 in transportation cost! Air Transportation Manage/Logistics Officer/Superintendent for past 25 years. Established notification from USTRANSCOM to be forward to DoD…value HAZMAT information critical to DIA global logistics mission; streamline and improving DoD Transportations Fusion Center (TFC). Created an Air Mobility Command channel to be notify of critical data to be disseminated for safety of flight and in- transit visibility (ITV) of cargo; improving TFC capabilities, DoD, and NATO. Provided complete logistics and supply chain management for IC assets; moving 2 million tons of cargo from transportation preparation to final customers all over the global; “cradle t to grave”. Managed and oversee over 200 transportation Control numbers, satellite tracking Devices and Radio Frequency Identification; these devices are mission essential information system in support of Joint Operation, coalition partners, and warfighters in the areas of operations (AOR). Processed and monitored 3 million ton updated IT equipment for the IC global networking systems; preventing adversaries on breaching our transportation and supply chain system. Served as DoD ‘s focal point for all Air Mobility Command airlift issues—ensured timely and accurate submission of all airlift requests and coordinated directly with major U.S. Air Force’s aerial ports. Appointed as transportation officer to gather information on flight following tracking and in-transit visibility of DoD’s cargo in the Department of Defense—recommendation will enable the IC to account for IC valuable assets. Developed action plan to cope with required TFC mission statement; paving way to improve DoD’s supply chain. Procured and coordinated $35K from LOG funds for TFC’s forklift critical to DoD’s mission by alleviating potential showstopper problems—also ensuring critical timelines were met. Managed and coordinated short notice shipment of weapons to Bagram, Afghanistan in support of operations in theater—his expertise was key in communicating with global reach partners.

Re-writeAmount of supervision required to successfully perform duties. Ability to act upon opportunities to enhance mission success. At higher grades, employee develops, manages, and leads employees to find creative solutions to effectively support the DIA mission. [1025 characters limit] Highlight “Impact-explain why the action mattered and made a difference.

Through my multiple assignments, learned to recognized and analyzed problems, collected data, summarized results, drew conclusions, and devised solutions to complex and interrelated War-planning problems. Leader of Squadron’s “24/7 nerve center”; provided crucial guidance for 450 personnel-achieved 98% departure rate. Request acceptance into Logistics Management Master’s Program-would afford increased depth/breadth and enhance his overall knowledge on logistics processes with providing the agency’s extensive logistics experiences from deployed/garrison duty sites. Improved Poland’s interoperability with other NATO allies; paved way for delivery of 48 f-16 fighter aircraft. Lead 64 members/5 sections; Air Terminal Operations Center/Command Post Aerial Port Control/Data Records and Reports/Airlift Management/Computer Operations. Calculated and submitted air shipping cost to HQ mission critical cargo destined to Korea…cost comparison vital to Intelligence Community setup.

Re-writeseeks out relationships to build expertise and minimize unnecessary conflict. Behaves in a professional manner that creates trust and transparency. Demonstrates that ability to work effectively as a team player while establishing positive relationships and gaining the confidence of others. Able to motivate others to participate in the activity he/she is leading. [1025 characters limit] Highlight “Impact-explain why the action mattered and made a difference.

Coordinates with customers, reviews documentation/physical assets, to determine transportation requirements based on shipment characteristics. Superb protocol: coordinated sensitive/timely movement of 35 DVs; ensured stress free travel for DVs to destination. Cultivated relationships with Aerial Port, IC, and base facilities to ensure movement up-armored vehicles: increased Force Protection in CENTCOM AOR. Coordination with customers to locate misplaced assets/resolving materiel denials within the storage warehouse; coordination resolve issues quickly. Built a network of peers and seniors to monitor the adequate storage and safeguard of deployment assets, e.g. chemical gear, weapons, field survival equipment, IT refresh etc. Lead transporter with a 4-man team on major exercises in Romania; provided critical mission beddown support off-loading of over 100 tons from 25 aircraft. Conducted cantonment across organizations, arranged billet/workspace for 150 group personnel; key to startup operations.

Re-writeAbility to exercise judgment, make commitments, and take initiative within a position. [1025 characters limit] Highlight “Impact-explain why the action mattered and made a difference.

Principal Advisor to senior-leadership on safe air/ground movement of all classes of hazardous Materials for DoD-Afghanistan. Collaborated the movement, process/delivery of over $2M in IT equipment to IC customers. Established, developed/maintained working relationships with platform leads to reduce the use of BEAR Defense services for inter-theater movement; drastically reducing the usage by 20%; optimized the use of helo’s and MILAR saving DoD thousands of dollars towards its cost-share with the Intelligence Community (IC). Faced with possible extraction of the mission; lent expertise to the J4 planning team in support of Bagram’s Combat Commander visit; outstanding effort lauded by the DFE. Coordinated on/off-load of 30 tons of cargo, and over 700 passengers eliminating the need for additional transportation personnel; outstanding achievement! Served as a Squadron level Air Operations Manager: responsible for the operational transportation control of the largest aerial port in the Department of Defense.

Re-writelevel of decision-making and accountability demonstrated by the employee, including how decisions and initiatives affect Directorate/Command, Agency, and Intelligence Community equities. [1025 characters limit] Highlight “Impact-explain why the action mattered and made a difference.

Chosen by leadership to inspected/expedited two up-armored Land Cruisers with 48 hours on a Task Force fixed wing aircraft in support of SECDEF’s clandestine mission to identify suspected Russian Federation (RF) in Afghanistan (AFG) vehicles were critical uses for Close Target Reconnaissance to accurately define RF facility in AFG-mission terminate Russian actions AFG. Supported 470+ multi-national NATO personnel training 2500+ Iraq military and police cadets. Coordinated a diplomatic meeting with Iraq President on the future of the NATO Training Mission in Iraq; planned/executed the safe movement of NATO Secretary General. Prime mover for Estonian forces leaving theater; award Estonian Peacekeeping operations medal by their Ministry of Defense; ensured coordination of activities with outside agencies interfacing with the processes of the Air Terminal facility. Effectively utilized Air Terminal resources/Material Handling Equipment worth 30 million to meet mission requirements that improved time to customers.