Problem:The Center for Disease Control (CDC) needs your help processing data about the daily…

Problem:The Center for Disease Control (CDC) needs your help processing data about the daily number of newly infected cases, summarizing it for the entire country and creating a dashboard with daily data points that they can use to dochart technical analysis (Similar technique is commonly used by stock traders as an attempt to predict trends for a specific stock). The dashboard will aid in visualizing the success of failure of the measures in place to contain the COVID-19 virus.

Your final goal: will be to be able to produce a program in C++ that will read the source file which can be foundhere. Ingest the daily data in a data structure of your choice, process the data and displaying the data (character format is acceptable) as two graphs

1) No. of weekly confirmed cases vs. increment per week

2) % weekly increase vs delta of % weekly increase).


A) Daily confirmed cases

B) Daily Increment: Is the difference between the total for the day and the total for the previous day.

C) % Daily Increase: Is the same information as above but expressed as a % increase from the previous day total.

D) % Delta: Is today % increase minus the previous day % increase.


  1. – Your C++ Program(50 points)

You will submit your program as a .cpp file properly identified to the respective Blackboard assignment. Please feel free to post any questions you may have during the class or on the Blackboard forum and I will answer the same way so the entire class can benefit from it.

For an example of the type of chart you will be creating pleaseclick here.

NOTE: You are not expected to use any C++ graphic libraries, representing the data using * is acceptable, you could also use the day number rather than a date to make it easier for you to represent the information, for example, 2/24/20 can be represented as 1 for day 1.

Grading Rubric

Correctness 45
Documentation 20
Testing 20
Readability – Efficiency – User Friendly 10
Elegance 5