primary, secondary and tertiary health promotion

Health Promotion
1) Describe the three levels of health promotion (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary) in your practice setting. ( i work in IMCU neuro floor, our patient come with stoke, seizures, back pain / surgery, headaches and more…. so please write the paper regarding this matter. thank u)
2) Apply appropriate strategies that may improve the health of your patients through promoting health at all three levels.
Post an INITIAL RESPONSE answering the above questions in a narrative discussion.
Your opinion applies only to question #2. However, your opinion should show critical analysis of the topic and, in aIDition, must be supported by evidence from the scholarly literature (preferably peer-reviewed nursing journals). Your response must be typed or copied and pasted directly into the discussion thread and include citation of sources in-text and a reference list in APA format. Please double space between paragraphs but do NOT use double spacing or indentions throughout. no more than 300 words.