Please write a statement of purpose of approximately 500 words indicating your objectives in undertaking graduate study. Please create your document using either Times New Roman or Arial font.

I’m working on a Nursing exercise and need support.

General Statement of Purpose for all programs: Please indicate your purpose and objectives in undertaking graduate study, your special interests and plans, and your strengths and weakness in your chosen field.

Here is a little History about me,

My Program is; Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

While I was growing up, my mother always tells me, God want me to be a nurse and she has many prove to back it up. I grow up with this taught and inspiration from my mother, along the way I developed interest in the act of caring. I became a care giver to many around me, I enjoy doing it, and I see many are happy with my cares, seeing people happy gives me the assurance that making people happy can be what God want me to be.

So, I applied to nursing school in the year 2000, and I got admitted. I began my experience in medical surgical nursing, then to labor and delivery unit where I love caring for pregnant women and newborn. After relocating to the US, I continue as a school nurse, then homecare and mental health. Through this experience; mental health inspired me a lot, especially in the aspect of teaching/helping people when they think all hope is gone. This makes me want to dig deep and have more knowledge in helping this population.