Please respond to the following UOS8100PHDBI SECTION 1 Assignment Week 1 Academic Skills

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UOS8100PHDBI SECTION 1 Assignment Week 1 Academic Skills


  1. Writing and Research

    Assignments are part of every Capella course. This first orientation assignment lets you practice attaching documents and submitting an assignment.The purpose of this assignment is to help you begin to understand the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly articles and to practice your writing skills.Library research and academic writing will be integral to all aspects of your doctoral program, starting with your very first course. You will be writing research papers, action plans, literature reviews, and your independent research project. Knowing how to write clearly and effectively and find appropriate scholarly resources in the library are keys to your success.Note: This assignment does not require you to conduct any research using the Capella library databases. As an orientation learner you have access to the library web site on Campus in order to become familiar with its resources. You will gain full access to the library database when you begin your first academic course.It is also important to know how to use and cite sources. Providing citations is important so your readers can locate your sources. It is also the way you give proper credit to those on whose ideas you have based your own. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) is the style guide adopted by Capella for use in its programs. (American Psychological Association, 2010)

    Assignment Instructions

    Step 1: Review the Resources associated with this assignment.Resources, located at end of the Assignment Instructions, are available to help you complete each assignment. These may be Web resources, guides, templates, worksheets, or other tools and aids.Step 2: Check the scoring guide.Open the Writing and Research Scoring Guide in the Resources to see how this assignment will be graded.Step 3: Complete the assignment.For this assignment, imagine that you are conducting research for paper you are writing on “growth mindset.” In your research, you found an article from the New York Times and another one from the CHI ’14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Both articles are linked in the Resources list below. Note: These articles were chosen to provide examples of scholarly and non-scholarly articles and may not be in your field of study.

    • Read Rae-Dupree’s 2008 newspaper article, “If You’re Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow” from the New York Times.
    • Skim O’Rourke, Haimovitz, Ballweber, Dweck, and Popovic’s 2014 article, “Brain Points: A Growth Mindset Incentive Structure Boosts Persistence in an Educational Game” from the CHI ’14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.
    • Open the Writing and Research Worksheet in the Resources. Using the Writing and Research Worksheet, write two paragraphs answering the following questions: What type of information is included in the scholarly article but not in the newspaper article that provides you with a deeper understanding of the topic? How could the scholarly article be more helpful to you when supporting the arguments?
    • Using APA style, cite each article at least once in your response and include a reference citation for the New York Times article at the end. Note: The resources located in [u01s2] Unit 1 Study 2 will help you complete this assignment.
    • Save your completed assignment as a Word document to your computer using the following title: u01a1_Your Name.