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1) Information governance

Information Technology (IT) governance is a framework that is geared towards ensuring that IT products enable business objectives to thrive and be realized (Gregory, Kaganer, Henfridsson & Ruch, 2018). Laws and regulations fuelled the development of IT governance since IT governance provided a metric of measuring whether the laws are being adhered to. The other factor is the provision of measurable results. IT governance products provide business owners with a means to track the progress of the performance of their organizations. Protection of data privacy is the other measure that has necessitated the need for IT governance since IT governance enables security of data effectively.

International Standards Organization (ISO) promotes the standards of network security (Perlman, Kaufman & Speciner, 2016). ISO gives clear guidelines that should be followed by any IT firm that wants to be accredited with the ISO standard. Every international brand would like to be ISO certified since this certification acts as a grading tool for organizations that offer world-class services to their clients. ISO certification builds trust and inspires confidence in the clients of a specific organization that the organization promotes network security. ISO can also withdraw its certification for any organization that is guilty of the breach of the professional code of conduct that all organizations are required to follow.


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2)Factors for IT Governance

IT governance is a concept that is embraced by organizations to ensure that IT investments contribute to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. IT governance is one of the strategies that improve organizational performance and competency. Various factors have fueled the need for IT governance. The enactment of laws and regulations drove IT governance in US organizations (Van, & De, 2018). Other factors include; first, competition in the market has fueled the adoption of IT governance to help an organization achieve a competitive advantage. This is through improved production and decision-making process. Second, organizational culture also contributes to the adoption of IT governance to maintain the reputation of the organization. Finally, corporate goals and objectives influence the implementation of IT governance to ensure they are achieved within the set time.

The standard for network security is affected by ISO in various ways to ensure quality services are provided. The ISO standards explain the best practices based on network technical security architecture. It also provides the technical and non-technical controls to ensure network security is enhanced, thus achieving the three goals of security (Zhang, Zhao, & Kumar, 2016). Through regular monitoring of network security in an organization, the quality of services offered tends to improve.


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