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I’m stuck on a Accounting question and need an explanation.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Posting: The purpose of this assignment is to stay current with business and world events. MBA students need to be aware of the events affects the business world nationally and internationally.

Please read a current Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article (must not be older than 3 months) and provide the following:

1. Post the name of your WSJ Article in the Subject Line.

2. Provide a summary of the article and list three questions for the discussion of the article.

3. Provide your reference for the WSJ article.

4. Provide the link to access the article. Due to plagiarism and copyright laws, please do NOT post the article, only post the link to access the article.

5. please follow ape format.

6. Please don’t choose these wsj articles because already posted by other friends :

~ Apple Was Headed for a Slump. Then It Had One of the Biggest Rallies Ever

~ His Employer Knows What Time He Woke Up Today

~ An Audit Committee Guide for New CFOs

~ Retail CFOs Grow More Cautious About Investment and Expansion in 2020

~ State Attorneys General to Meet With Justice Officials to Coordinate on Google Probe