Order and Disorder in Technology

Order and Disorder in Technology

The Marking Rubric is attached, please follow it.

– Strictly, do not write more than 2000 words nor less than 1500, including references.

– Refences used must be sent to me in PDF and the sections used/paraphrased must be highlited.

– Use at lease 4 references. Journals are highly recommended and all must be professional.

– Citation in APA format


Order Disorder
Explain how energy is vital to us all. How we use it to build the structures that protect us all.
What is energy-1d mm lee ueeMto us?
Describe the works of Gottfried Leibniz, his research and words
If you could be harness the living force, it could give mankind unimaginable power”
DescribetheworksofDenisth whbmearmmtohow
heat coID be oonverbd h some form of use“ action.
In meorymishventtonooudelwupowerotnmto may.
Carnot said “if you could take awaythe steam engine awayfrom Britain, then the British empire would
collapse. ” He proposed to analyze the source of British power by analyzing the way in which fire and
heat engines work. Describe his writings on the reflection on the motive of power of fire which describes
the fundamental way all heat engines work. The newfleld of science called memo-Dynamics.
Describe ho n Carnot uncovered the cosmic truth about the steam engine.
Created a new science of heat and motion – Thermodynamics
i I; a- , 3 f: e” 5 if er: 5 q; escaping entropy. its the ultimate move from orderto decay and
av-f; ‘ w z’ a as s:- a “e ”773 c‘eremhing from homes to a human life to the universe“.
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