Nursing Informatics

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Discussion Question/Prompt

  • AHRQ states that safety practices require a culture of safety across healthcare. Safety is one of the 6 critical areas for Nursing. Describe a “just culture”. How does this culture improve patient Care? Describe how this would relate to incident reporting and discipline of staff.
  • The Joint Commission, in cooperation with (HQA) Hospital Quality Alliance, established core measures required for all healthcare organizations. One reported, the core measures are available for public view and use at to an external site.). Research data on 2 hospitals in your area and summarize.
  • Scheduling systems and patient classification systems are often computerized to collect data. State examples of each along with advantages and strengths of each. Be prepared to discuss how these systems could be improved.

Nursing Informatics

.Definition of Nursing Informatics

2.Define quality data management and provide appropriate discussion of nurse’s roles and responsibilities.

3.Explain why comfort with technology and informatics is important in patient care and administration

4. Provide strategies for new hires to increase their comfort with informatics

5. Incorporate any nursing theory, informatics theory, or change theory