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Please note: A recent case study I ordered failed because it lacked research material and evidence based study. So I am hoping we do better on this one.

The Question:
Write a 1000 word essay describing and analysing the professional attributes and scope of practice that is required by a registered nurse working in your specialty placement . A ‘specialty’ registered nurse may include a registered nurse working on a variety of wards or units such as haematology, renal, orthopaedics, aged care, mental health, emergency, paediatrics, midwifery or intensive care.

The purpose of this assessment is for you to identify the extended knowledge and skills demonstrated by the ‘specialty’ registered nurse during your clinical placement.

This assessment is to be constructed with an introduction (a good one), body and conclusion(a good one). You are required to consult current nursing literature and professional specialty competencies. Reference your work using APA style referencing.

****Please note:
(I did my placement in PERI-OP—theatre(1 week) and Post-Op /recovery unit(2 weeks) . So the Specialty for me is Peri Op (Theatre and Post Op -recovery unit after surgury). You can choose to focus on the Post Op/recovery area. But please note and include in your introduction whatever you decide whether Peri-Op (which will cover theatre and recovery/post-Op ) or just Post-Op/recovery.

Please note and include intext citations where applicable(very important).
Some suggested references(As much as you can please use mostly Australia Authors and evidence based research):

—Levett-Jones, T. (Ed.), (2013). Clinical reasoning: Learning to think like a nurse.
Sydney, Australia: Pearson Education

–Guidelines for Perioperative Practice
Vol. 1, 2016
By Byron Burlingame, Bonnie Denholm, Terri Link, Mary J. Ogg, Lisa Spruce, Cynthia Spry, Sharon A. Van Wicklin, and Amber Wood
Edited by Ramona Conner
–Perioperative Nursing: An Introductory Text
By Lois Hamlin, Marilyn Richardson-Tench, Menna Davies

–National competency standards for nurses

and other ones.

Also , you can refer to the ;