Need your feedback/review

I’m trying to study for my Writing course and I need some help to understand this question.

I need to complete a high-quality product, an ARP Proposal defense.


I will begin preparing for your ARP Proposal defense. Develop a 1-2 page first draft summary of your ARP to serve as your proposal document. Provide a concise summary that clearly describes your ARP.

Ensure your summary includes the following areas (this information will be used for grading):

  • Background and description of the Program under investigation
  • Problem under investigation
  • Purpose of the ARP
  • Basic findings from literature review
  • Research question(s) (Note: you will only include this as a separate section for the proposal summary)
  • Research method

My ARP has been on the Second Chance Program and the onboarding steps that are conducted for training, etc., once they are accepted to continue on with the program.

Follow APA format for your Proposal Summary.

Even the a good sample of a shell for this defense proposal – its’ pretty much based on my intervention paperwork that I shared with you two days ago. If you need anything else,please advise.

please confirm understanding so I have peace of mind and that you are good with the above – thank you as always