Living in high density cities – A case study of residents perceptions of their Quality of Life, living in “Mong Kok” in Hong Kong

Hello, I would like to write a dissertation about high density city that related to residents’ health and well being. My case study will be in “Mong Kok” – one of the district in Hong Kong.
First of all, I need to explain the general concept of high density city relate to well being. These will need a lot of literature review, I will provide some of the articles or reading. It would be great if you could find some extra readings too as I haven’t got much books and article to provide at the moment.
So after all these, I would like to apply all the theories to “Mong Kok” as a very high density area in Hong Kong.
For the research methods. I have interviewed 2 lecturers (Louis Rice & Sarah Burgess) with recordings and designed a survey for interviewing people in “Mong Kok”. However, I am currently in the uk so I will not be able to do the survey. Could you please make up the results?
So for the general structure of the dissertation would be
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Theory (literature review)
Chapter 3 – Methodology
3.1 hypothesis
3.2 research design
3.3 data sources
– case study approach
– data collection method
– samples
3.4 data analysis method
Chapter 4 – Result analysis
4.1 raw data
4.2 analysis results
Chapter 5 – Conclusion
It is just a general structure that I could think of. Please feel free to change it if you have a better idea.
There is a book called “Shaping Neighbourhoods: For Local Health and Global Sustainability” could be used for literature review. I hope you can get this book.