lack of consent and patient death

lack of consent and patient death

Please read the case study entitled, “Lack of Consent and Patient Death” on p. 402 in your textbook.


Provide a brief summary of the case, leading into the ethical issue or dilemma.
Consider the case using one ethical theory.
AIDress the questions as the end of the case.
When using class terms, be sure to explain them and to specifically show how you are applying the to the case. To say, “Dr Yalson demonstrated beneficence” is not a complete or adequate response. Explain beneficence and provide a specific example of how it was demonstrated.


You should provide more than 1 page per case to thoroughly aIDress the questions/issues. Be sure to include the questions presented with the case.
All references consulted (including the text) should be referenced appropriately within your response?APA style?and a list of references should be supplied at the end of your document.
In-text citations documented and formatted using APA
Microsoft Word document with 1? margins all around
12 pt. Times New Roman font
Double-spaced work.
Paragraph (commentary) format, not a bulleted or numbered response.

Failure to follow assignment protocols will result in a 10% loss in possible points. AIDitionally, cases should be free from grammatical errors.