introduction to dissertation

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Knowledge
1.2.1 Definition of Knowledge
1.2.2 Data, Information and Knowledge
1.2.3 Knowledge Classification Methods Explicit and Tacit Knowledge Explicit, Implicit and Tacit Knowledge
1.3 Knowledge Management (KM)
1.3.1 Definition of Knowledge Management (KM)
1.3.2 Definition of Knowledge Management Systems (KMSs)
1.3.3 KM Importance and Motivations
1.3.4 Challenges and Factors Affecting KM
1.3.5 KM Methods and Techniques
1.3.6 KM Evaluation Methods
1.3.7 Definition and Importance of KM Modelling
1.4 KM in Hospitals
1.4.1 the importance of KM in Hospitals
1.4.2 the impact of KM on Hospital performance improvement
1.5 Summary