Information Systems Operations &amp Analysis APA Style Reply

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Information Systems Operations and Analysis

Application Software Discussion Prompt Reply to each Peer about their post.

Application Software Discussion Reply 1 Georgina:

The healthcare setting example of applications software for personal, work group and enterprise use Microsoft Outlook, information system in health care, and excel.

Microsoft outlook software is used for interoffice in outer office communications allowing for sharing accurate information and correspondence.

Electronic Medical Records software: healthcare groups use EMR software to diagnose illnesses, plan medical treatment, track patient records, patient engagement tools, telemedicine functionality, medical billing, and the situation entirely work together to systematize practice workflows.

Excel software: Is used for bookkeeping and analyzing numbers for revenue and other types of finances.

The software I selected was easy for me to work with when I was working at Urgent Care. We were using EMR where I used to work, we were communicating through it this system. Physician would put in an order, then I would receive it immediately with all the instruction. When it comes to using the emails and calendars, we were using Microsoft Outlook.

Do you see this as something you could potentially work with in your career?

Yes, these are great tools to use when working to be efficient.I am a strong believer in consistently improving my skills and maintaining accuracy.

Application Software Discussion Reply 2 Madene:

In a health care setting, there are various application softwares that allow an individual to progress in the overall goals of the department. An application software that is essential for personal, work group, and enterprise use is the application software of spreadsheets through Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets are a vital piece to organization especially in a health care environment where thousands of topics needs to be properly organized ready to present. The business objective for personal use would be best for someone in a management position that needs to organize financial for the department into a spreadsheet. For work group use, spreadsheets can allow a group of individuals to input different opinions of a desired treatment plan for a patient. On the enterprise side, the use of spreadsheets is incredibly important when it comes to organizing payroll for a whole department. I chose this application software due to the fact that I have personally seen the benefits of the software when it comes to organization. This application software is something I will have implanted within me my whole career because it makes day to day tasks much easier to do. In general, spreadsheets is one of the easiest application softwares to learn about and the most beneficial in any health care environment.


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