Impact nursing education

Impact nursing education There are a great many topics that you might select to investigate. Review Chapter 6: ?Forces and Issues Influencing Curriculum Development? (Billings & Halstead, 2012), as well as Healthy People 2010 and Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports, to remind myself of important trends and issues that have been identified within the field of nursing education. Also review the following research topic listed below: Research Topic: ?What kind of Impact the Magnet criteria has on education programs preparing RNs?? After topic, read at least three scholarly references on it. (You are welcome to use any of the reading resources (see attached chapters), but you must locate at least two new references. Be sure to consult any official position statements and Web sites, for example the AACN, ANA, and NLN Web sites and JCAHO standards, that pertain to this issue or trend. With these thoughts in mind: Post your report on a significant issue or trend in nursing education, addressing the following: First paragraph Give a summary of the issue that is investigated Second paragraph Summarize what you found out and how this is significant to the future of nursing education Third paragraph Explain how this is likely to impact your own practice as nurse educator Fourth paragraph Describe your views on this issue or trend. What are the pros and cons of the situation? What do you think can or should be done to bring about optimal results or conditions? Fifth paragraph Support your statements with at least three professional references. Reading Resources (see attached chapters) To support your investigation into a selected issue or trend in nursing education, you are asked to locate and read at least three journal articles, chapters, or other professional publications on the topic in addition to any pertinent Web sites. Your selections may include any of the Supplemental articles listed below. For guidelines on selecting your topic, see the instructions in this week’s Discussion. In addition to these resources, complete the following readings: Course Text: Nursing Faculty Secrets Chapter 23””The New Millennium: The Role of Distance Education” This chapter reviews reasons for the importance of distance education in nursing and notes specific trends in this area. Course Text: Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty Chapter 6””Forces and Issues Influencing Curriculum Development” Optional Resources Article: Corcoran, R. D., Tanner, C. A., & Northam, S. (2005). Views on the nursing faculty shortage/response. Journal of Nursing Education, 44, 440. (ProQuest Nursing Journals database) Article: Davidhizar, R., & Shearer, R. (2005). When your nursing student is culturally diverse. The Health Care Manager, 24, 356. (EBSCO: MEDLINE) Article: Haugh, R. (2005). Patient education. Hospitals & Health Networks, 4(1), 26-30. (ProQuest Nursing Journals database) Article: Lemmer, C. M. (2005). Recognizing and caring for spiritual needs of clients. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 23, 310. (Abstract) (ProQuest Nursing Journals database) Article: Speziale, H. J. S., & Jacobson, L. (2005). Trends in registered nurse education programs 1998-2008. Nursing Education Perspectives, 26(4), 230“236. (ProQuest Nursing Journals database) Article: Tanner, C. A. (2005). What are our priorities? Addressing the looming shortage of nursing faculty. Journal of Nursing Education, 44, 247“248. (ProQuest Nursing Journals database)