Hospitality Technologies

You will work individually or with several peer students (not necessarily your teammates) on a course-related technology topic (not necessarily your tech blitz topic) and develop it into a 2-page research proposal. Social Media related to hospitality PMS or POS Technology related to hospitality (probably the easiest topic) Mobile Apps-related to hpospitality Catering and Sales Software-hospitality Travel Channels Such as Expedia or Kayak Step 1: Focus your topic through some general background readings “ Search 1-3 literature/research articles in Google Scholar using key words of your topic “ Set forth the scope of the your research proposal “ Present arguments in a clear and creative manner with proper citations of these papers Step 2: Specify a clear and concise research question “ Narrow down your idea to a very specific one, then go deep. Remember you only have 2 pages to write. Step 3: Marshal specific methods and resources you can use to answer the question “ Interview with managers? Questionnaire survey with consumers? Collect data from other sources? Step 4: Discuss expected outcomes and importance/contribution of your research “ Your expected findings and results from this research “ Your timeline of completing this research “ Important recommendations/suggestions that your research can provide to the industry Step 5: Present a feasible timeline to complete this research “ Set up a goal, and accomplish it step-by-step Once completing these five steps, you should have generated an outline for your research proposal. You then extend the outline into a 2-page full proposal. You can refer to Undergraduate Research Proposal assignment at any stage, from brainstorming to final revisions. I encourage you to use these resources to develop your proposal. Standards for Written Work: All written assignments must adhere to the following format. ? 2-page proposal ? 12-point font (Times New Roman). ? Single-spaced. ? Typed on an A4 white paper. ? 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, left and right. ? Include page numbers. ? Use cover page (with date, course number, proposal title, and your name). ? Headings and, if appropriate, sub-headings used to help organize Grading Criteria for Proposals: All written assignments will be graded on content and communication/format (including grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.). Content will account for 80% of the grading for each assignment and communication/format will account for the remaining 20%. See the section below regarding writing and format to help you produce a professional document worthy of receiving the entire 20%.