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US Organization Capstone Paper Outline/Summary

This Capstone Project focuses on an US Organization. If you chose this option in Week 1, this week you will use this option to submit deliverables in Weeks 4, 5, and 8.

This week, submit an outline/summary (including bibliography) of your paper proposal for the Capstone Project. Your submission will include:

  • A title page
  • Paragraph(s) about your project
  • Paragraph(s) about the data that will be used to create your BI solution
  • A paragraph about the BI tool(s) you selected to perform data analysis
  • The outline of your project
  • A bibliography with at least five scholarly or peer-reviewed sources from the CSU Global Library
  • Being formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).

See the full description of the Portfolio Project Assignment found in the Module 8 assignment page.

The public datasets file in the Module 4 folder with the assignment contains datasets you can use for this assignment. The self-evaluation form is in the Module 4 section with the assignment.