Healthcare project

Healthcare project Community Project “ develop a power point presentation based on one (1) focus area from Healthy People 2020 “ due Saturday, August 23, by 2359. It is fine to do this anytime before the deadline and submit to the dropbox. It will be considered late after this date and time. You will receive zero points if it is late unless you have made prior arrangements with the instructor. Community Project Power Point Instructions 1. After examining the document Healthy People 2020 (the web site is in Readings), choose one focus area that is of interest to you. 2. Next choose a population group that you will work with in the chosen focus area. 3. Write an example of each of the three different levels of health prevention activity for your chosen area. 4. Give an explanation how you would work with the community population that you have chosen. 5. Choose one of your prevention levels to expand on and make your slides fit the one focus area and one level of health prevention activity you choose. 6. Include a reference page at the end to reference the materials you investigated and cited in your presentation. This is not a paper, but a power point presentation. You should make between 10 and 15 slides. Explain in detail how you would carry out your program. The reference page will not be part of the power point slides, but put into a word document and submitted along with your power point slides in the dropbox. For example: I choose heart disease as my focus area. An example of a primary health prevention activity would be encouraging a group of elderly clients to eat a heart healthy diet. An example of a secondary health prevention activity would be advising your client to have a lipid panel performed to screen for cholesterol concerns. An example of a tertiary health prevention activity would be assisting your client in finding a post-cardiac arrest support group.