Health or safety workplace issue: How to plan for a workplace emergncies

Create a plan that helps individuals avoid or deal with such an issue in their own workplaces.
Your document should comply with OSHA regulations, and this compliance should be addressed in your materials.
You may address this issue in either a hypothetic workplace or in your current workplace. This document will fall into one of the following three types:
An orientation program.
A disaster or safety plan.
or safety.
You may not select a program, plan, or topic that is heavily covered in the Goetsch textbook. However, you may use the book for inspiration in formatting the plan or program; use your textbook for guidance in listing the elements of your plan or program.
Your paper must include the following components:
A clear explanation of the health or safety issue(s) at stake and the steps required to cope with and prevent such circumstances.
A thorough explanation of how the document’s instructions comply with OSHA regulations.
At least two brief examples illustrating elements of the document.
A rationale that shows why this health safety document genre is suitable for addressing the issue or issues.
You can also include visuals, graphs, or other illustrations to support your points.