health care

health care Paper instructions: Guidelines: This assignment requires you to post an original thought and respond to one of your classmates thoughts. In total, you will need to make two posts. Your original thought must be at least two paragraphs in length with five sentences in each paragraph (should include a FULL citation “ not just a web link). Your response post must be at least one paragraph in length with five sentences (does not need a citation). While the original post should include a citation, please remember that this is not a formal academic paper and your postings should retain a œdiscussion flavor. Topic: Employers are finding it more difficult to support health insurance coverage as a benefit for employees, as it has become more costly than the tax savings for offering it. Spend some time thinking about the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and how this could effect this situation Original Post Do some research and post about whether you think employer based health insurance is on its way out. What might be some of the negative consequences of eliminating health insurance as a benefit offered to employees? Sources: To receive full credit, you must cite at least one academic or government source to support your position in your original thought post. Please do not cite your book “ this assignment requires you to do additional work. The following websites are not appropriate academic citations:;;; or anything in the same genre.