Health care

Health care post an attachment of a double-spaced 5-7 page paper (10-12 point font) not including cover and reference pages, that is relevant to the course content and objectives for module 2 that describes either the role of health professionals (please use your area of concentration) or health care financing either public or private. You will select one item from the HSC 85004 client list to develop your topic. The paper should provide a description of the components of the health care system relative to your client, stakeholders, agencies, and institutions involved, and description of the outcome: what was done well and what could have been done better in your opinion. Please include a reference page in APA (6th ed.) format. Along with your attachment, please provide a short summary of the client and why it was chosen. Each group member must respond at least once to the initial post of at least two members of the group. Posts should be substantial (at least 300 words) and show students have thought critically about the information posted in their groupmates’ posts by citing literature in your response other than the literature used by the group members in their paper. Cite the references at the end of your response posts. Initial post must be submitted on This is a brief description of seven clients in your area code, 85004. Choose a different client from the list for each discussion board this semester and using the rubric and assignment criteria as your guide, develop their œstory within the curHSC 85004 rent U.S. health care system as it pertains to your particular area within the HSC concentration. This hypothetical will allow you to research the main topics contained in each module and apply them to your selected client. 1. Suzie is a 40 year-old living in the homeless shelter in HSC 85004 for the past year. She is single and has never had children. She is trying to find work in order to move out of the shelter and obtain health insurance. She has not had a well-woman exam in several years and has never had a mammogram. 2. Meghan is a 14 year old high school freshman with a history of anorexia. She has talked with the high school counselor and school nurse but there is no formal program in her school in the HSC 85004 district that deals with nutrition or adolescent eating disorders. She is currently on her parents’ private insurance and had a recent visit with the pediatrician who told her she is 15 pounds underweight for her height. 3. Jordan is the CEO of HSC 85004 Community Hospital, a non-profit hospital that treats and admits large numbers of patients every year. While the hospital cannot turn anyone away from the emergency room for lack of ability to pay, it must assume the burden of non- compensated care. In addition, due to recent budget cuts and changes in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, staffing in all departments of the hospital has been affected. 5. Charlotte is the representative in the Arizona state legislature for the district in which HSC 85004 is located. She was recently elected and appointed to the health and human services committee. Recently, a special interest group has contacted her to introduce a bill specific to benefits for long-term care patients who are on AHCCCS. She is not familiar with the state’s Medicaid plan for special needs patients. 6. Wanda is 75 years old and in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She has been widowed for 10 years and lives with her daughter and her family. Wanda is still fairly independent in her daily activities, still drives, and has a good social support network and many friends. Her daughter is trying to plan for her future care and care-giving while Wanda is still able to participate in the decision-making. 7. Michael is a health care provider in a specialty practice. He sees patients with public and private insurance and employs a nurse practitioner, nutrition specialist, and health educator. He is challenged with bureaucratic paper work, and the recent installation of electronic medical records. He has been given an opportunity to join an accountable care organization (ACO) associated with HSC 85004 Community Hospital.