Health and Interpersonal Communication

Health and Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication is influenced by many factors, one of which is culture. Public health professionals work with a wide range of cultures and need to be sensitive to the differences that culture makes on communication and health care choices. In addition, communication is a core clinical competence. In preparation for this week’s Discussion: Locate a peer-reviewed article on health and interpersonal communication from the Walden Library Academic Search Premier database. Consider when interpersonal communication is used in public health communication. With these thoughts in mind, critically analyze the article you selected. Then, complete the following: €¢ Discuss the purpose of the article/study, and what the authors discovered. €¢ €¢ Analyze the article for strengths and weaknesses of scholarly/professional writing. €¢ €¢ Analyze the article’s purpose, audience, and use and quality of evidence. €¢ €¢ Analyze for any bias. €¢ €¢ Include in your analysis how health communication impacted health care decision making. Minimum of 3 references each discussion. These textbook listed should be included in all writing Health Communication: From Theory to Practice by Renataschiavo . Part 8 Evaluating a Health Campaign Many factors influence a health campaign. As discussed throughout this course, it is imperative to tailor any message or writing to the specific audience it is intended to reach. With these thoughts in mind, select and evaluate one of the CDC’s current health campaigns and appraise how the campaign is tailored for its particular audience. €¢ Summarize your evaluation of the selected CDC health campaign. Include in your discussion how effective you think this campaign will be and how well they address the needs of their audience. Part 10 Through the resources last week, you examined how theory supports the development of health communication campaign messages. This week, you explored pretesting a message to aid in determining its effectiveness and appropriateness for the focus audience. Pretesting has many benefits; however it is not always possible to pretest. Reflect on the readings presented this week and consider both the benefits of pretesting a message along with the difficulties. €¢ Discuss the benefits and difficulties to pretesting a message. Provide strategies for mitigating the difficulties. Course Text: Making Health Communication Programs Work Course Text: Health Communication: From Theory to Practice Part 12 Education Entertainment Consider the impact of media and technology on public health. You can play movies on cell phones and other small handheld devices. Individuals can research health online using quality and reputable resources while sitting at a desk or waiting at the airport. Podcasts can be downloaded to portable devices and listened to without time constraints. Today, more than ever, public health has the opportunity to reach millions of individuals every day through mass media and print channels. In preparation for this week’s Discussion, bring to mind what you have learned throughout this course about health communication, channels for delivering health messages, and current research on education media. Post by Day 4 a response to ONE of the following: €¢ Select a health topic and propose an education entertainment vehicle for delivering the message to a particular target audience. €¢ OR €¢ Share an insight about what you have learned in this class about health communications and academic integrity. I like the first questions better. It might be easier for you too. Don€„¢t forget to make sure that the refernces follow APA . I lost some point because of a couple of incorrect citations. Always include the text book.