Health affected by society

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Respond to the following prompt and cite all work please.

Rationale: Health is affected by a variety of positive and negative influences within society. This standard focuses on identifying and understanding the diverse internal and external factors that influence health practices and behaviors among youth, including personal values, beliefs, and perceived norms.

Post Part 1

How might 1) culture, 2) media, 3) family and peers, 4) policy and laws, 5) socio-economic position, 6) geographic location, 7) life events or other factors positively or negatively influence the health of emerging adolescents? Select one of these influences and provide an explicit, detailed example. Support your opinion with a personal experience, or current news events, facts, or statistics from a credible source. (If citing a news event, facts, or statistics, cite your source in APA format.) Need ideas? Check out these sources:

Post Part 2

Why do you think it is important for emerging adolescents to understand the impact of influences on their behavior, values, and norms? When writing your response, consider the rationale (above) for this NHES #2 well as the school, community, and adolescent health profile you completed. Consider the 7 influences listed in Post Part 1. Cite the text to support your ideas. Here is an example of an in-text citation (Benes & Alperin, 2016, p. 37). No reference list is needed.

Post Part 3

In the lecture video, you learned five (5) steps to develop a skill: 1) Introduce the skill, 2) Present the steps of the skill, 3) Model the skill, 4) Practice and rehearse the skill, and 5) Provide feedback and reinforcement. Thinking about these steps, describe a Step 4 Practice and Rehearse the Skill activity you could do with students that includes the skill cues for a grade level of your choosing. Consider having them analyze the same influence you selected in Post Part 1. [Note: The Skill Cues can be found in the content folder RESOURCES. You can also get to the skill cue associated with NHES 2 by clicking on this link: NHES 2 Skill Cues]