HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS 1. œThe United States holds the dubious distinction of being the only developed country that does not ensure access to health care through guaranteed coverage ¦ one of the major barriers to controlling health care costs is exactly this lack of universal coverage. (Andersen, Rice and Kominski, 1996, p. 3). Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Provide relevant evidence from the literature to support your own view. 2. What is the medical home model? What are the key domains of a medical home? Do you think medical home model will improve efficiency and effectiveness of primary care services in the United States? What evidence do we have from the relevant literature to support your own views? 3. Identify the major factors that have resulted in the shift in utilization from inpatient hospitalization to ambulatory care services in the U.S. health care system. What are the implications of this shift for hospitals, health care professionals, consumers, and the health care delivery system as a whole?