Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun Act Two Scene One Reading

I’m stuck on a Literature question and need an explanation.

Please only refer to A Raisin in the Sun ACT TWO SCENE ONE

  • How does the family react to the fact that Beneatha cuts her hair?What does cutting her hair represent and what is the significance of the family’s various reactions?
  • What is at the heart of the conflict between George and Beneatha?What is the conflict about and what does it mean that they have these different positions?
  • How does each family member respond to Mama’s “news” at the end of the scene?Why do they respond the way they do and what does this tell us about their character and their own dreams?
  • Name one theme that you found interesting in this scene and include a passage where you see it represented (it can come out of the questions above or it can be a new idea).Do you see this theme in the previous scenes of the play?If so, has it changed or transformed in any way?