Hamlet Paper instructions: Hamlets readers response. Answer these following qestions questions. each act will be a long paragraph ACT 2 Complications: three main lines of development (2) Hamlets introspoection and self accusation in soliloquies; (3) Claudius’s defensive actions through Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and Polonius. What do Hamlet soliloquies tell us about him? What role does Polonius play in act 2 ? How do our views of hin change? ACT 3 Crisis and confrontation: Hamelets act and his use of actors ( The crisis of the play is claudius’s reaction to the play within the play. It sets hamlet and claudius on an collision course; each knows the truth about the other after this point) In scence 3 what reasons does Hamlet give for not killing Claudius at his prayers? How does death of Polonius put Hamlet into a defensive position and give Claudius the upper hand? ACT 4 The tightening web : Claudius’c counter- moves How does Ophelia’s madness differ from Hamlet’s How do Claudius and Laertes hatch a plot to murder Hamelet (scene 7) ACT 5 Vengeance, Catastrophe and resolution Scene 2 ( lines 207 “ 344) the fencing match’ the catastrophe How is gertrud killed? Laertes? Claudius? in what way are all three deaths ironic? Why does hamlet want Horatio to stay alive? What is Hamlets final concern? s