Global Health Systems

Global Health Systems Paper instructions: 5 page paper, APA style (1 inch margins, double-spaced, times new roman size 12 font etc.) originality score needs to be less than 30% COMPARING and CONTRASTING the United States healthcare system (using this article: and the healthcare system of France. 1. Selection of Country (name of country and reason for choice) PAPER HEADING: Introduction 2. Health statistics and costs (life expectancies, mortality rates, major health/illnesses) (% of gross domestic product, per capita expenditures) PAPER HEADING: Health Statistics and Costs: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected County] 3. Healthcare system financing (How is the provision of heath care financed for its citizens”through public sector [taxes] or the private sector [personal or employer] or a combination of both?). Discuss. PAPER HEADING: Health Care Financing: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected County] 4. Healthcare administration (Which government agencies oversee and regulate the provision of health care for its citizens? How do they do that? Example: Ministry of Health. See also Module 2 for list of U.S. agencies). PAPER HEADING: Healthcare Administration: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected County] 5. Number and type of healthcare personnel and facilities (i.e., physicians, nurses, hospitals). PAPER HEADING: Health Care Personnel and Facilities: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected County] 6. Access and inequality issues (Based on the above information, does the country have citizens who are uninsured, underinsured, and/or experience health disparities? Describe access and inequality issues). PAPER HEADING: Access and Inequality Issues: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected County] Use the above headings in your paper. In-text citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper.