I have a Finance Class and I need to complete a project in excel which is basic stuff(the project is about hospital performance),I already did the project but Im gonna send you the original project and the one that I did. I want you to go over my project to see if I did it right! then I need 1 page (4 short paragraph)essay that Analyze my paper! this is the structure for my paper:
First paragraph should explain A summary of the results
second paragraph Your analysis of the financial operating issues that led to the results(what is the some issues in this project?Is it Revenue , expences, patient per day?)
Third paragraph is Without getting too complex use one or two Key Indicators from the OSHPD data provided at the bottom of the spreadsheet to project corrective goals e.g. An expense item or two that was too high per industry standards. (basically you need to compare my result with the standard result that is provided at the end of spreedshit, OSHPD
and last paragraph is Postulate some corrective solutions to the main issues identified in #2 as well as any aIDitional information you would want to obtain to finalyze a corrective action.
remember to use those numbers and percentage that I got them as a result to write my essay and comparing them with statndard numbers