FIELD OF STUDY IS MENTAL HEALTH; Provide interventions for people with alcohol andlor other drug issues you are required to complete Tasks A “ D for the following group of units. -Task A “ Client information -Task B “ Client assessment -three (3) quesfions -Task C “ Intervention plan “ five (5) questions -Task D “ Personal reflection -three (3) questions Task A “ Client information You need to concisely and professionally document: -The client’s presenting problemls. -The client’s current situation (psychosocial issues, material needs, etc.) -The client’s current drug use and any problems arising from this. -Health issues the client may be experiencing (including current treatments). -Other issues that are currently impacting on the client’s life. -Client’s goals in relation to their current issues. Task B “ Client assessment 1.What communication skills and strategies were used by the worker conducting the assessment with the client? 2. How effective do you think the assessment process was in assisting the client to identify and meet needs? Give reasons for your answer. 3. Suggest some ways that the assessment process could be improved. Task C Intervention plan Based on your case study, provide a report on the work done with the client (or intervention plan) OR create intervention plan based on the client’s needs. Include the following information: 1.What sorts ofthings were taken into consideration when choosing an intervention (or interventions) for the client? 2.What resources were required for the intervention? 3.How did the organisation ensure the client’s level of understanding and commitment to the plan? 4.Describe any challenges which were experienced by the client? 5.How was the overall progress ofthe client monitored and evaluated? Task D “ Personal reflection Consider your current skills and experience. 1.What skills do you have that enable you to conduct an assessment and intervention plan? 2.What skills do you need to develop to conduct an assessment and intervention plan? 3.What are the ways in which you could develop these skills?