Exploration of self in relation to caring for people experiencing a mental illness.

Reflective practice skills are required of health professionals to improve and develop their therapeutic use of self. Self-assessment and ongoing learning are integral requirements of professional accountability. This assignment takes the form of a self-reflective exercise in which you discuss the lecture from week 1 (29th July)and extend your exploration of the subject matter that the speaker presented.

In writing this paper, the following questions must be aIDressed:

1 What preconceived ideas of the subject matter did you have prior to observing the speaker/lecture?

2 Since observing the speaker, what are your current thoughts and perceptions of the subject matter?

3 What does the literature say about the subject matter?

4 What surprised you the most within the content and why?

5 What are the barriers or limitations you foresee in future practice? How will you aIDress these and exercise your agency as a registered nurse

6 What are your strengths and resources you can offer as a registered nurse in context of the subject matter.

7 How can you relate what you have heard in the lecture to all areas of your future practice?