examine the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan by following the instructions below…. 1 answer below »

Assessment Task

What do I need to do?

You are asked to examine the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan by following the instructions below. You will need to write a report on the Health Plan and its priority areas, discuss selected population groups to which the Plan can apply, and consider how they interact with the determinants of health. Please also refer to the important AT3 FAQ’s page about this assessment task and the assessment rubric.

1. First read the plan

Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015-2019.

2: How to structure your assignment (your Health Plan Report)

Part A: Introduction to your assignment and summary of the Health Plan (approximately 100 -150 words)

Your introduction should explain the purpose and structure of your assignment (ie your Health Plan Report). You should then give a brief summary of the Health Plan and tell the reader what priority area, at-risk group and determinants you will be focusing on in your assignment.

Example (rough notes only): The following assignment will focus on (state the Health Plan you’ll be focussing on, and add its citation in brackets afterwards)… This assignment will firstly provide an overview of… The assignment will then detail … The following at-risk group and three determinants of health … will then be critically analysed …

Part B: Overall description of the plan, and the determinants of health, explaining how they influence the population groups identified in the plan (approximately 200 – 300 words)

Your description should outline the plan (Victorian Public Health & Wellbeing Plan), what it is, who it is targeting, the main aims of the plan and what those aims hope to achieve. Explain in your own words how this plan will improve the health of specific Victorians and describe the at-risk groups mentioned in the plan as well as the relevance of the determinants of health to the wellbeing of the population groups targeted by the Health Plan. Remember here you need to introduce the determinants of health – explain what they are in your own words with supporting literature.