Evidence-based Practice (EBP) and global health

Evidence-based Practice (EBP) and global health Complete an essay position paper . This paper must be typed and saved as a Word document and submitted as a Word file (ending in either .doc or .docx) through Turn-It-In. No other type of file will be accepted. Your assignment is to write an essay position paper on Research, Evidence-based Practice (EBP) and global health, answering the following components/questions for each part of the paper. The paper will be 5 pages narrative (1,250 words) plus a title page, abstract page and a reference page. Use APA format (1 inch margins on all sides, double space, Times New Roman 12 point font). Title page: Refer to your APA Manual and also to the œSample APA Format Template for Student papers posted on the Course Content page of this course to view how to format a title page APA-style. Abstract: Your abstract should start with a sentence that will serve as an introduction to the paper and the purpose of your paper, and then describe what will be discussed in each part of the paper. An abstract is usually a short paragraph of four-five sentences. At the end of the abstract, do a phrase called Key Words, and denote 3-4 key words that would describe your paper if it was published and indexed in CINAHL or PubMed. Narrative text: Introduction: Start your paper with a short paragraph that will serve as an introduction to the paper. Then use the following components for the headings for your paper: Part A; Part B; Part C; Part D. Part A: Part A will discuss your thoughts on why you think it is important for nurses to utilize Evidence Based Practice. You may use your textbook or articles as additional references for this section, but remember to cite in both the text part of your paper and on your reference page, using APA format. Part B: Part B will discuss why nurses need to understand research methods in order to implement evidence-based practice. You may use your textbook as a reference for this part, but remember to cite in both the text part of your paper and on your reference page, using APA format. You may also use articles from journals listed in the weekly website assignment. Part C: Part C will discuss how nurses are utilizing evidence-based practice around the world (global health care). To complete Part C, find a nursing article on nursing in another country (non-USA) from a peer-reviewed nursing journal and a health topic that you are interested in (for example, how nurses manage diabetes in Sweden using evidence-based practice). Use the CINAHL database to conduct a Literature Review to help find an article from a NURSING journal. (You may refer back to the slide presentation on the Course Content page on How to Access the FIU Library and How to Do a Literature Search Using CINAHL). You may also use a nursing journal from the weekly assigned websites. DO NOT USE A MEDICAL JOURNAL, AN INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OR A NON-PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL. Select an article that describes what nurses are doing for evidence-based practice in that country. The article must be from a NURSING JOURNAL, but does not need to be a research study, and can be a review article (integrative research review ). You must cite the article in your text and on your reference page. As previously stated, you may use articles from journals from your weekly assigned websites or from the bibliography at the end of the syllabus. However, not all of the articles in your Bibliography from international nursing journals are immediately available from the FIU Library. If a journal article is not available, you may request the article using FIU Interlibrary Loan (consult the FIU Library on how to request); however, this will take at least a few days to potentially over a week. Part D: Part D is a conclusion to your paper. This can be a summary of the key points that you have presented in your paper. Reference page: Refer to your APA manual to see a sample of proper format for your reference page, or to the œAPA Sample Student Paper on the Course Content page. As previously noted, the essay paper must be a scholarly essay paper in APA format and use at least one APA reference, cited both in the text and on the reference list. Use the sample APA Format Template on the Course Content page to help you format (set up) your paper.