Evaluate methods for reducing health risks. Epidemiology investigates health by looking at factors (environmental, social, etc.) that can impact a communitys health and illness.

For this Final Project assignment, you are to do research on a topic covered in class and create a PowerPoint presentation or an online presentation like Prezi or Emaze. Whichever you choose, youll upload that (ppt or web link) and submit it here under Assignments. Your online research should utilize academic and other resources to create a 15-20 slide presentation. The project must include: a cover or title slide, an outline/introduction slide, a summary/conclusion slide, and references slide(s); therefore, there must be at least 11 slides worth of project content plus the title, outline, conclusion and references slides.Use Internet articles, journals, text books, etc. as sources of information for your project. You must have at least 6 reliable, relevant and academic references three of which should be solid scholarly references.Prepare a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Emaze presentation of your chosen topic. Research your topic thoroughly. Include photos/graphics and visual appealYour presentation must be in a readable/viewable format and may not exceed the size limit for uploads (so be careful aIDing too many large images or animations).Some hints and reminders for the PowerPoint Project: