Ergogenic Aid review

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Nutrition for Sports Performance

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Title: Ergogenic Aid

This forum discussion will be on ergogenic aids. As an introduction, go to the following website and read the story:…

Now go to this website and learn about ergogenic aids:

From the list below, select one ergogenic aid.

List of Ergogenic Aid

Select one of these:


Branched-chain amino acids


Fat supplements

Folic acid



Find one published peer-reviewed research article on the ergogenic aid you picked.

Do not use Muscle Magazine or a similar magazine because these are for the general public and are not peer-reviewed.

The journal article you select should be a research study that shows how your chosen ergogenic aid affects athletic performance, positively or negatively.

Remember, a research article is not a review article.

A research article reports the results of a research study. You can tell the difference between a research article and a review article because a review article summarizes several research studies.

  • list your selected ergogenic aid,
  • provide the reference for your selected article,
  • describe how your particular ergogenic aid purportedly enhances performance,
  • describe the study and the results, and
  • evaluate the article. For example, does the study make appropriate conclusions from its data? Was the study designed correctly to address the hypothesis?