Drugs and Nutrition

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Please create a paragraph about nutritional regulations and how they help nutritional status of the population in the United States, (or don’t help it).

(Example).. I really love a good farmer’s market, U-Pick, etc. However, I always wonder if we as a people are using these great resources to their fullest extent. In TABLE 1.8: Major Federally Subsidized Food Programs in the United States, you can observe several programs designed to help alleviate malnutrition/undernutrition in the United States.

After reviewing the example please consider the following topic: How does the idea of gleaning food from agricultural fields provide a potential option for feeding the masses? In your paragraph please consider collection and distribution of food from these locations. Would using these options for feeding the masses actually work? How would you accomplish this? What resources would you need to provide the “service” and could you actually do it?

  • The paragraph should be at least one paragraph (50-100 words).


drugs and nutrition

The elderly can be a population in the public that is utilizing multiple medications at one time. In your own words, provide information from your textbook and one reliable outside source in relation to medications and the elderly. In addition, please include at least one food/drug interaction


What do your clients need to know about potential food and drug interactions? Choose at least 2 important points to remember. (300 words)