I’m studying for my Environmental Science class and need an explanation.


See the attached lectures, and then find an article about energy that relates to something that we’ve talked about in class or read about in “The Story of More OR Healing Earth textbook which can be found on https://healingearth.ijep.net”.

This article should be written for a general audience. Add a brief summary of the article and your opinions about it.

Please ensure to deliver an original and high-quality work as the paper going to be checked by TurnItInwebsite for Plagiarism.

To get full points, you must do the following:

1. Post your article with the summary and opinions.

2. Comment two sentences on the potential biases in your article: who was it produced by, do they have hidden agendas, are there clear biases in writing, do the sources that they pull from (if any) seem reliable.

3. Read and comment on two other posts “I’ll share with you 2-students post to respond to them”

Students comments are below:

Student #1 (Xing),

The environmental protection of corn ethanol is not as good as we imagined. We forgot to calculate the indirect costs. The planting, processing, and transportation of corn cause more pollution than we thought. Corn ethanol does not seem to be that cost-effective.

The editor of the article James Conca, “Biofuels have direct, fuel-cycle GHG emissions that are typically 30–90% lower than those for gasoline or diesel fuels. However, since for some biofuels indirect emissions—including from land use change—can lead to greater total emissions than when using petroleum products, policy support needs to be considered on a case by case basis”

Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2014/04/20…

Student #2 (Logan),

Link: https://sciencing.com/much-power-wind-turbine-generate-6917667.html (Links to an external site.)

In previous classes we have discussed Wind turbines and how they are a reliable source for energy that is environmentally friendly. Win turbines are able to be built and used in farm fields and oceans where they are spun by the wind. The wind provides a free source of energy that spins the turbine around that the provides power for peoples homes and businesses. Wind turbines are a clean way for energy to be produced and used. This article explains the usefulness of wind turbines along with an overview of the key components of how they work. Bert Markgraf is writing this article on about wind turbines to explain the upside of them and the importance they could have to or society. I don’t see any reason for bias in the article and it seems reliable because it is posted on a scientific source.