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Purpose: The purpose of this online discussion is to apply your learning to discuss benefits and barriers impacting consumer engagement in using telehealth and applications for delivering health care at a distance. Directions: Small Group Graded Discussion #3. This is a scholarly online discussion among colleagues. Ground your responses in course content citing sources in your post and including a reference list at the bottom of your post. Start a new thread for your initial post. Reply to existing threads to post your responses. Post responses in the discussion forum and add the data extraction planning table as an attachment for peer review. Keep your answers succinct while at the same time thoroughly responding to the discussion prompts. This is a practice in scholarly writing in the form of a collegial online conversation. Discussion Prompts Initial Post Due 3/21 ? Start a new thread in the Graded Discussion #2 Forum. Select and respond to one of the following discussion prompts. Copy and paste the option you selected at the beginning of your discussion post: Option 1: Choose 2 consumer health engagement or connectivity technology tools and discuss specifically how you would use these to deliver care in your current or future practice. Option 2: Formulate a patient education plan for a common chronic health challenge related to your practice. Provide a rationale for each approach and describe a technology tool you would use to engage and educate the patient and his or her family. Option 3: Reflect on connected patient and consumer health technology potentials in your practice. What are you doing currently that connects and engages your patients in managing their health. Briefly describe what you would plan to do in the next 6 months to 1 year. Post a reply to respond to each of your small group members initial posts Due 3/23 ? Read your peer’s initial discussion post. Post a reply in which you ask clarifying questions or make comments that elicit further discussion. Draw on your knowledge of patient engagement with consumer health technology tools to address benefits and/or barriers that might impact your peer’s ideas. Reply to peer responses to your initial response Due 3/25 ? Respond to peer feedback and respond to questions/comments posed. Small Group Discussion #3 Grading Rubric This rubric shows the point allocation and level of achievement for each grading criterion to assess student participation in the online discussion assignment. Evaluation Criteria Excellent 2 points Good 1 point Needs Improvement 0 point Timeliness Post all responses by date/time due. One response not posted by date/time due. Two or more not posted by date/time due. Participation Meets minimal discussion participation with initial response and response to peers as outlined in discussion prompt. Participates but missing 1 required response Participation significantly lacking, missing more than 1 required response Critical Thinking Responses grounded in course content and address all elements of the discussion prompts. Responses reference some course content but lack depth or addresses most of the discussion prompts but not all Responses lack grounding in course content and/or addresses few or none of discussion prompts Academic Quality Discusses through graduate level writing (e.g. grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraphs, etc.) Appropriate use of APA writing style and citing (not formatting). Succinct. Follows directions Writing contains 2-3 unique errors. Follows most but not all directions. Writing contains 4 or more unique errors. Follows few of the directions. Civility Demonstrates respectful, collegial and considerate communication with peers and faculty. Able to discuss opposing views or challenge assumptions constructively. Willing to learn from peers. Lacking 1 criteria of civility in no more than 1 post. Lacking criteria of civility in more than 1 post or significantly lacking civility in any 1 p