clinical rehabilitation (Community Reintegration Plan)

Assignment —Community Reintegration
1) Select one of the three case studies discussed throughout the topic (i.e. Craig, Dennis or Alice). Consider issues confronting the individual with regard to return to the community following their inpatient

rehabilitation program. Discuss the planning and interventions of the team that ensures a safe and effective return to the community which incorporate the following:
• Health professional and informal care support for physical and psychosocial needs
• Education and potential intervention with respect to sexual health and reproduction
• Access to community services including a description of available community resources for people with SCI in your local health area.
• Management of potential long-term complications
• Vocational reintegration (where applicable)
• Sports and recreation
• Effects of ageing with SCI
• Appropriate references

2) I will attach the all module and you can choose between these tree patents Craig, Dennis or Alice
and you can have more information during each module and you have to pick one and follow the structure above.

3) for the refrence is flexible between 10 to 15 less or more,