Clinical Decision Making

Clinical Decision Making

Think about the ethical and legal issues involved and finally to reflect on the care provided and how you felt about the case.
the video provided will give you a basis for your discussion.

The following headings are suggested to structure your discussion.

1. Briefly summarise the key features of the case ( 200 words) 2 marks

2. Identify and discuss at least two legal considerations in the case

(Provide reference to legal documents, guidelines or other articles/texts that discuss legal issues in regards to end-of-life decisions).

3. Identify and discuss at least two ethical considerations in the case

(Provide reference to texts or articles that discuss ethical issues in regards to palliative care and end-of-life decisions) (400 words) 4 marks
4. Reflect on the case and how it was managed e.g. how did you feel about what occurred, was it managed well and why, how could it have been improved, was the communication between the paramedics and those involved adequate. If you are using the case provided consider how you would manage it and what would you consider important in your care of the patient and those involved.

(Support your discussion with reference to palliative care material related to communication and the grief process)