Chronic fatigue syndrome, dietary and lifestyle changes for improvement of health

This person has Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)AND THE WHOLE TOPIC IS CENTERED AROUND IT AND WITH CAUSES SUCH AS MITOCHONDRIA, OXIDATIVE STRESS AND ADRENAL FATIGUE) AND IS obese, BMI32, 42 years old and had been diagnosed with fibromyialgia, Rheumatism, depression and anxiety, poor sleep pattern, 18 hours in a day and very little at night, heretic bowel function with nausea, diarrhea, constipation, belching,heartburn and indigestion, cravings, terrible lack of energy and type 2 diabetes symptoms, etc…all signs of CFS. CRITICALLY DISCUSS CFS (with most used and up to date definition in the clinical field). Critically link CFS to oxidative stress (muscle oxidation), mitochondrial dysregulation or dysfunction. Please discuss satellite cells, and adrenal fatigue and impact on CFS, and give some realistic dietary and lifestyle changes that may help alleviate the condition and improve health: for example gluten sensitivity and food intolerance and tactic of food elimination to tackle CFS. Please relate lifestyle changes to hypnotherapy and NLP and relate to CFS, and give 2 other dietary changes, 2 best supplements of your choice (please discuss drug interaction and depletion, with your choice of supplements and 1 more lifestyle change of your choice and critically link and discuss the impact on CFS these would make in improving the condition. Please include in this environmental factors, and this subject is on antidepressants, migraine and fibromyalgia medication. Please discuss how his gut problems is related to CFS and what could improve gut health, perhaps probiotics which would need to be addressed too as this person has IBS like symptoms as well.