Choose two questions for World Music

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“Here are the essay questions (150 word answers). Remember that depth, detail and clear examples always help to support your ideas. Please prepare only TWO of these essay questions.

1. Compare the social use of “beiguan” music in Taiwan with the social use of sanjuanes in Ecuador. In your opinion which is more important to its people? Which tradition is older? Involves more of the general population?

2. Cite specific similarities and differences between the music of CD3:7 “Azucar de cana” and CD2:18 “Weido.”

3. How does the rhythm of the sanjuan tradition compare with that of Chinese jiangan “sizhu?” Cite relevant examples.

4. Explain the similarities between CD3:13 “Lamm Ya Albi” and CD3:14 “Im Nin’alu.” Cite both general and specific stylistic features.”

You need to choose two essay questions, and answer them according to the instructins, 150 word answers. The book we use for this class is Jeff Todd Titon et al. Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples, Shorter Version/3rd Edition.