Cancer clinical trials

Cancer clinical trials Project description name the course topic to diagnostic cancer tests (specifically, diagnostic cancer tests that are performed to help patients to decide whether or not to get a particular cancer therapy). You should be able to come up with and develop/refine not only broad, general questions about course topics; you should also be able to come up with and develop/refine narrower, specific questions. Create and continually add to and modify a master list of questions that you are able to come up with and to develop/refine about the major course topics: I. Cancer clinical trials A. General questions B. Questions about specific cancer clinical trials II. Targeted cancer therapies and Diagnostic cancer tests A. General questions B. Questions about specific targeted cancer therapies and about specific diagnostic cancer tests [Note: Initially I had in mind having a third main category: œIII: Ethical issues. Instead, though, let’s just stick with the above two main categories and fold questions about ethical matters into those two main categories. This makes sense to do, given that the ethical matters are meant to be ones that have to do with the above categories, anyway.] As usual, find and use resources to help stimulate you to come up with and develop/refine questions. Have each question be a genuine one (i.e., one that gets at an uncertainty that you really do have and that you want to at least reason about and discuss). Particularly as your list of questions grows, create sub-categories for each of the above categories, to help in organizing your questions. On formatting: Create a separate sub-entry for each question; that is, fully describe and develop/refine one question at a time (rather than mix together in the same sub-entry descriptions and discussions of multiple questions).