Book Review : Colonial New England (Fur Trade)

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Prompt: For this milestone, you will submit a book review of one of the secondary source books (not an article) that you have chosen for use in the final project. This review should identify the book’s topic, analyze its thesis, and critique the evidence presented, the book’s structure, the sources used, and the book’s persuasiveness. The review should also discuss how the book will inform the final project.

Any book can be chosen as the source, as long as it is a usable source for my topic.

Topic: Encounters and Interactions between Europeans and Native Americans under the Sphere of the Marketplace in Colonial New England focusing on the Fur Trade.

I will attach the grading rubric and guidelines pdf below. This assignment is to be 4 pages in length, 12pt Times new roman, double spaced.

The source for this must be a Book.