BIS 341 University Of Washington Persecution of Christianity in Japan Paper, persecution of Kirishitans in Japan.

BIS 341 University Of Washington Persecution of Christianity in Japan Paper

Please write a paper on the topic of persecution of Kirishitans in Japan.

Step 1: Watch the movie Silence. Do a research on its original author.

Step 2: Skim through the following article to learn about the missionary works and slavery in Asia.Article by James Morrison: JamesMorrisPhDThesis_Exrpt (see attached file below)

*This is a long paper. You are not expected to read the entire thing thoroughly. Browse through them and focus on a few chapters that seem to help you write this paper.

Step 3: Look up and take notes as to what was happening at Goa, Macau and Philippines in the 16th century.

Step 4: Write a paper by articulating on the following points. Please make sure your writing flows as a coherent piece of argument and do not attempt to answer each topic separately.

Identify and analyze the strategy the Portuguese & the Jesuits’ took to expand their influence in Asia. Feel free to research beyond the provided article.
Speculate and explain the main reason why Tokugawa bakufu eliminated Kirishitans from Japan.
What do you think Scorsese was trying to achieve through the movie Silence?
Formulate your opinion on the persecution of Kirishitans in Japan.

Example: “In Sugano’s observation, Yoritomo’s relentless attempt to eliminate potential rivals, including his own brothers, contributed to the short span of Minamoto shogun dynasty in the Kamakura period. (Sugano: p134)” “According some opinions in Wikipedia website, Shimabara was not a Christian uprising but an uprising of starving peasants against a harsh taxation policy.”